Bag & Bow – Mauve & Blue Paisley


Get now this exclusive Mauve & Blue paisley violin and light blue bow bag combo!

The beautiful Mauve & Blue paisley silk satin violin/viola bag masterfully combines tonatilies that go from light blue to intense mauve depending on the receiving light, and instricate paisley motives that create stunning figures. Combined with an elegant light blue fabric to protect your bow with our new design that allows it to be comfortably stored in your case, without interfering with the storing screws.


This unique silk handmade bag offers:

  • A delicate and comfortable fit thanks to the light fabric density of silk
  • High resistance to deformation and great silk insulation properties / warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • French seam, 100% seamless in the inside!
  • Complete protection against loose items in your case

Comes with mauve ribbon


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