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We have combined the most iconic elements of classical music in this unique design.

Treble, Alto and Bass clefs, music notes, silences and pentagrams in an elegant black ink over a beige manuscript background. Transport yourself to the great masterpieces of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven every time you open or close your case!

Because what can be better than protecting your musical instrument with… music!

This unique silk handmade bag offers:

  • A delicate and comfortable fit thanks to the light fabric density of silk
  • High resistance to deformation and great silk insulation properties / warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • French seam, 100% seamless in the inside!
  • Complete protection against loose items in your case


Comes with black ribbons

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2 reviews for Bag Violin – Musical Dream

  1. flat iron

    The Bag Violin designed by Carmen Bruna is an outstanding piece of musical instrument that not only provides great sound quality but is also aesthetically pleasing. The Spanish Premium Handmade Designs are reflected in the intricate details of the bag, making it an ideal choice for musicians who value style and functionality. With its innovative design, the Bag Violin is a dream come true for anyone who aspires to create beautiful music, wherever they go. I highly recommend this exceptional product to all music lovers.

  2. Montse (verified owner)

    This violín bag is gorgeous. The silk is high quality and the design as well, no imperfeccions. Moreover, the service is outstanding.

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