Bass Bib Summer Twilight


Capture the essence of Ibiza’s iconic summers with our Summer Twilight silk bag.

A captivating blend of red, purple, and blue hues, inspired by the island’s breathtaking sunsets, adorns a simply stunning paisley design.

Elevate the protection of your instrument with this high-end accessory, reflecting the essence of Ibiza’s vibrant and mesmerizing summers.

Crafted with elegance, this bass bib boasts a thoughtful dual-fabric design, ensuring a perfect fit for both the back and side of your instrument. The side features a double pocket square, providing an ideal space for your rosin, cloth, and a specially designed compartment for your pencil.

The bib offers complete adjustability through resilient elastic bands paired with a Velcro surface, allowing you to secure it precisely to your preference. Alternatively, we provide a traditional double-string system that easily ties around the neck of the instrument.

Designed for scratch protection without compromising the instrument’s sound quality, this bass bib is a harmonious blend of functionality and sophistication.

Our unique handmade silk bib features:

A delicate and comfortable fit, thanks to the lightweight fabric density of silk
New two-sided design ensuring a perfect fit on both sides of the bass
Dual pockets—one for your pencil and another for your rosin, etc.
French seam for a 100% seamless connection with the bass
Complete protection against scratches from your belt, shirt, etc.
Full adjustability with our elastic band
Small Velcro surface to prevent snagging on your clothes

Blueprint based on a Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi bass

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