Cello Bib – Monarch Butterflies


This exquisite, high-end design is a testament to craftsmanship, utilizing the delicate wings of hundreds of monarch butterflies. Each wing is meticulously arranged in a baroque-inspired pattern that seamlessly blends with a vibrant explosion of colors, creating a truly one-of-a-kind and visually stunning cello bib.

The monarch butterflies, known for their distinctive orange and black patterned wings, lend a touch of ethereal beauty to this musical bib. These winged creatures symbolize transformation and elegance, and their inclusion in this design elevates it to a level of sophistication that goes beyond the ordinary.

As you embrace this exceptional cello bib, adorned with the grace of monarch butterflies, you not only indulge in a luxurious accessory but also connect with nature’s beauty in a sustainable and harmonious way.

Crafted with sophistication, this cello bib employs a three-layer fabric technique. It features Monarch Butterflies silk on the front, complemented by matching solid gold silk on the bottom side, and a high-quality cotton padding in between, ensuring a supremely comfortable fit. The bib is completely adjustable thanks to a high quality double string that can be tied around the neck of the instrument. If you prefer, we offer an alternative system with a Velcro surface at the end of them that allows it to be tied exactly as desired.

The design of the bib is specially thought to offer full protection against scratches, yet not tampering the sound of the instrument.

This unique silk handmade bib offers:

  • A delicate and comfortable fit thanks to the light fabric density of silk
  • Triple layer: Silk-Cotton-Silk
  • French seam, 100% seamless in the side that contacts with the bass
  • Complete protection against scratches from shirts, sleeves, etc
  • Completely adjustable thanks to our Silk strings or elastic band with small Velcro surface so your clothes don’t get stuck
Blueprint based on a Domenico Montagnana model!


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