Cello Blanket – Musical Dream


We have combined the most iconic and essential elements of classical music in this unique blanket design.

Treble, Alto and Bass clefs, music notes and silences and pentagrams in an elegan black ink over a beige manuscript background to transport you to the great masterpieces of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven everytime you open or close your case!

This blanket comes with a black silk fabric on the bottom side and a high quality cotton padding in the middle, making the blanket soft and fluffy, giving it more consistency for extra protection and thermal isolation.

This handmade design is carefully sew, adding two tailor pleats at the height where the bridge is placed making the fabric fall on its sides and protecting the body entirely. We also added an elastic band that adjust to the endpin and a resistant silk lace to tie around the neck of the instrument, making the blanket fully adjustable to your instrument.

This unique silk handmade blanket offers as well:

  • A delicate and comfortable fit thanks to the light fabric density of silk
  • High resistance to deformation and great silk insulation properties / warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • French seam, 100% seamless in the inside!
  • Complete protection against loose items in your case


Comes with black thread and ribbon.



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